Failure analysis:

Corrosion protection system may fail prematurely. The costs of corrosion protection are significant and the damages suffered as a result of an unexpected failure of the corrosion protection system are often high. DCC has extensive experience in the analysis of failures. It is often wrongly assumed that the failure is almost automatically caused by the coating contractor. There are many other reasons why coating system may fail prematurely such as a wrong coating advice, a modified usage parameter of an installation or even errors during manufacture of a paint product.  A damage analysis always starts with a sound advice in which first of all the goals and the position of the client is carefully considered. Often there is a tendency to analyse and test as much as possible without considering whether or not this actually contributes to finding a solution. Damage analyses require not only the right technology but especially the right tactics. 

DCC can carry out failure analysis by using various laboratory methods and inspection techniques. The correct interpretation of inspection and analysis results is important to determine the possible causes. It has been our experience that failures are often the result of multiple causes.

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