Inspection or surface preparation:

The durability of a paint system is highly influenced by the quality of surface preparation. The inspection of the surface preparation is by far the most important control step in the total coating process. In the coating industry a wide range of preparation methods are available and are defined under ISO, NACE, SSPC and other international standards. DCC has knowledge of all common standards and specifications and a vast experience with methods for the assessment of surface cleanliness, surface roughness as well as other surface preparation related tests. In addition to corrosion protection through application of traditional coating systems, there are other methods such as hot-dip galvanizing and spray metallization. DCC also is experienced in performing inspections related to these techniques as well.  At the start of a project it is important for inspectors, representatives of clients, contractors and paint suppliers to agree on test methods for a project to avoid differences of interpretation at a later stage. A good coating specification provides clear guidance with regard to, among other things, the test methods to be utilized as well as all criteria for acceptation or and rejection of any work.

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